Hi Laura. When you started CG, did you do a final sulfate wash with a shampoo that did not contain cones? If not, you probably still have silicones on your hair that are blocking it from properly absorbing the moisture you're trying to give it. What products are you using? We may be able to pinpoint something your hair isn't liking, or even suggest some that might work better for you. However, if your low poo has Cocamidopropyl Betaine or Cocobetaine, then it should have removed any lingering silicones.

Speaking of low poos, some can be as drying as sulfate poos (or more, in some instances). It depends on the formula. If you're having better luck with cowashing, I'd stick to that for cleansing. If your scalp starts feeling "gunky" or your hair starts looking overly greasy, then you could low poo to cleanse before returning to your normal cowashing routine.

I've found a leave in conditioner is essential for good moisturization on my hair. I can sometimes skip a rinse out conditioner without issue. I have yet to buy a dedicated leave in conditioner. Instead, I add a bit of my rinse out conditioner back into my hair as a leave in. Some choose to not fully rinse after they apply their rinse out conditioner, but I feel I have better control of the amount if I fully rinse after I apply my RO, then add however much I need back into my hair for my LI.

You will probably want to try deep moisture treatments, at least once a week till your hair is feeling better moisturized. Slather the dt on your hair, add a plastic processing cap (or even a clean plastic grocery sack with an elastic band to secure it), maybe also add a warm towel over top. Then go do something else while your dt works. Some have good luck using heating pads or blow dryers to help warm up their dt for better absorption. You might also try an overnight dt, which would give your hair more time to soak up the moisture.
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