Today's family meal:

Way overkill on the amount, but we had a ton of salmon scrap and I wanted to use it while it was still fresh!
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Saria, this looks delicious and makes me feel as if my brief stint in food service was a complete and utter sham. I worked in a "fine dining" establishment, with a wonderful menu, but alas...

they served employees frozen chicken fingers, corn dogs, and shoe string fries for $1.99. I took a pass.
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Thanks! It was perfect on this warm day.
I usually make staff meals because otherwise there would be a lot of half-assed pasta with cream and lots of fried food. I nag the hell out of chefs to order me stuff for it (I explained to them that no self-respecting Dominican eats par-cooked rice, so please to order the Jasmine rice). lol:

I've never worked in a place where people were charged for staff meal, but it's supposed to go towards better food than that! Those are things strictly for emergencies (cooks are just too swamped to make anything). Even this past summer job (where those foods made their most frequent appearances out of any place I've worked) we still had plenty of meals actually cooked by one of the sous chefs.
I've worked in places where I had to pull family meal out of thin air because they just didn't order anything and we had nothing left over that we could use. Frozen prepared foods are basically a luxury item that many places can't afford/aren't willing to buy when something could be made from already paid-for product.