Amneris, you've been here long enough to know that threads get locked for a few reasons, and them going around in circles is one of them, I've seen it several times. They don't always get locked because of bickering and name calling...gimme a break.

Everything here is open to interpretation.

Email Gretchen and ask her why she locked the thread or whatever. They said they are working on getting new mods, revamping the rules and so on. Just let it go and see where things end up when they are done doing that. if you still aren't happy, stop posting here and start your own board where you can have the control that you're looking for.
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Wow, this is kind of...hostile. Lol, to use a word popular around these parts lately.
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That's nothing new between those two - or between M2LR and anyone else, really...
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Hey, it wasn't "between" us... I didn't say anything to her.
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