Yeah, it's pretty much the same. The "gel" is microspheres in a cream base, so it looks like cream anyway. It's supposed to be less irritating for most people.
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I order from ADC
I've been using the RetinA cream .5% for over 6 months (this time around.. I've used Renova on and off for over 5 years. I'm 36) and am not noticing any difference under my eyes. I have some fine lines. I'm adamant about sun protection, etc. Think I'd get a better response with a different product?
I use a BHA or AHA lotion daily. Then apply the Renova over it. I'm always flaky under my eyes despite exfoliation and moisturizing... I can quit the BHA or AHA and even the Renova and still battle with the flakes. Any ideas?
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You shouldn't really use acids in the eye area.

You could try adding a copper peptide to your Retin-A regimen. In the winter, I mix CP with Retin-A before applying. The CP helps build collegen and really helps reduce the flaking from Retin-A. I'm not sure it helps much with fine lines, although there are some studies that say it does.

I use Super CP Serum from Dr. Pickart's Skin Biology, but there are others:

Copper Peptides by Loren Pickart, PHD