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I had no understanding of it, but sadly the owner/chef, a very nice man who moved here from PA, left too many decisions up to the manager (meals being one, and paying for them seems to be common here). This ended up being a fatal error in judgement.

He bought the most historical house in town. One of the few original houses remaining on the main strip. It's a beautiful 2 story farm house. He set up an amazing herb garden and green house out back, remodeled the inside separating it into 5 different dining rooms (upstairs and downstairs) and a fantastic bar area. As I said before the menu was wonderful, and a big hit with tourists and locals alike.

Unfortunately his manager had a horrific attitude toward the staff. They were always polite, did their job extremely well, and along with the food were a large reason why customers returned. If the manager heard one of them say, "Y'all have a nice day", he would go ballistic! I understood the aesthetic reasoning of this, but these were ladies who worked in local diners. It was a hard habit to break and they were working on it. His mistake was screaming at them, in front of customers. Word of this quickly spread. After the leaves fall, the tourists go home... It was shut down by November.

It turned out the manager was embezzling money, as well. All around bad day. It was sad and I do miss the owner and food. One can only eat Bogarts so many times before saying, "My life sucks".
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