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I have a mixture of 3A and 3B curls and sometimes straighten after washing. It tends to then go wavy, which I like. I want to cut my hair short after having it long for about three years. I also think it would be good for condition in long run when I grow it again. I'm considering an inverted bob - short at back with some length at front. I also like idea of going even shorter - very short at sides and back with length on top. Second option scary... but I'd love to try it.

First, I would really appreciate some advice about relaxing as I've never had my hair relaxed. With the second cut I would need to relax the sides and some of the back before cutting it short (1-2cms) probably with clippers (grade 4 or 5) Just those bits, the top and front would be long enough to straighten, so I wouldn't relax the longer hair (and I promise to always use protection...!) Or would it be better to cut then relax. Can you relax hair that's very short? What I also want to know, is how long would it take before I'd have to have the shorter parts relaxed again? And how many times before it would be long enough to just straighten? Alot? I'm guessing hair has to be a good 10cms to use straighteners on.

I would probably then grow it out rather than keep re-buzzing it. Would it be ok to relax the shorter hair say three times over as long as when grown out I cut it off? There would be natural re-growth that I would only straighten, not relax. The top/front would be about 6-8 inches.)

I sometimes wear my hair up on my head with sides pinned down, I know the style suits me and want to take it one step further. Bit nervous about cutting so much hair off (most of it is currently way below my shoulders) but you only live once, right!?

I have attached two pictures of the lovely Rihanna to give a jist of what I mean. Possibly not quite as short on sides, though. I just think her hair looks great here, there's something so glamourous about it. I know the style can be worn in a more casual way too, but I love that retro vibe aswell. In conclusion... has anyone else had this type of cut? Was the grow out a nightmare? Would it be a giant mistake? Also tips on relaxing would be fab. Lots of questions, I know but need to be sure before I do it. Help! Thanks.

P.s. I have posted this on the straightening/relaxing forum too to hopefully max replies... hope that's ok.
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