Hi MojoDojo,

Thanks for replying : )

You reckon I could get away without relaxing then? This is music to my ears. I'm mostly 3b with some 3a. Perhaps I'd actually need to relax when it got to about 4 or 5 cms so that it would lie flat? It would start curling at that length. But if I could get the effect when it was only 2 or 3 cms with product that would be great.

It is a sexy cut isn't it! I love it. I need to gather some confidence up to do it, though. And yeah I know it is a bit limiting. But the appeal of being able to wash it and style all in about half an hour, outweighs that! Currently takes me about two hours minimum.

I'm so glad short hair is more of a socially accepted option for women these days. There is still a bit of me that thinks people will think this cut is boyish, though. It's not, is it? I see it on more women than men. I'm quite a girly girl and want it to look feminine on me. I have soft features, so hoping would be ok. I wear make up and lots of dresses and skirts!