Thanks, Fmasuhr and kathymack.

Fmasuhr, it is a bit daring, I know. I'm just itching to try it. I thought about it before but just assumed it wouldn't suit me. I have attached a pic of me about a year and a half ago - it's a 'mock up' of the style that a friend did for me (don't laugh!) I do look a lot older since the pic and have a stronger jaw line. My friend got a bit arty farty with the pic, hence the grainy black and white.... I piled my hair up on top then they wanted to take a photo and then they edited it a bit.

kathymack, I wouldn't relax for the bob. Just the shorter option cut. I'm trying to decide whether grow out would be too much of a pain to bother... BUT I want to try it (had I mentioned that? lol) And thank you for the link. Bob is going ahead for sure. It's this one I'm stuck on.

Bearing in mind I look younger in this pic... thoughts on me being able to pull off the style? Thanks : D
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Should I cut my hair like this...? Advice needed!-mock-up.jpg  

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