1) The latest Trayvon Martin thread got locked.

2) The rules say not to start a new thread to continue an argument. With all the loose ends from the last couple Trayvon Martin threads, I feel like any thread with him as the focus falls under this rule.

So ? Are we not going to be able to discuss that case anymore?

I swear I'm not being a smart ass. I'm really wondering this.
Originally Posted by wild~hair
Can't you bump up an older thread about it, or have they all been closed?

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You mean the one with Wile's original "dude was a thug" comment in it? That's the other one.
Originally Posted by wild~hair
It's not "starting a new thread", so I don't see where an existing rule would be broken. Technically speaking, it should be okay, but in this uncertain climate, who the hell knows?