What Kathymack said about the denatured alcohol in your leave in. It's a very drying alcohol, unlike fatty alcohols (Cetyl, Stearyl, Cetearyl) which act as conditioning agents.

What Teejay said about glycerin, at least in your leave in. It's a humectant that pulls moisture from whatever is most moist and into whatever is driest. In dry air like your area has, that means glycerin is pulling moisture from your hair in an attempt to hydrate the air. In the very moist air in your shower, glycerin in your low poo and rinse out conditioner is pulling moisture from the air and into your hair (a good thing). This winter I used a rinse out with fairly high glycerin levels (6th ingredient) without any issues in dewpoints as low as 11 (fairly dry air). Keep an eye on how your hair does with it, but it may well not cause you issues in low poos and rinse out conditioners.

Your fine hair will want some protein for increased strength, but because it's low porosity it also needs lots of moisture. The low poo and rinse out conditioner you're using both have fairly high amounts of protein, and you might perhaps do better with more moisturizing products.
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