If the good Lord had intended everyone's hair to be straight, He'd have made it that way. I've found that pointing that out shuts up most people, family and otherwise.

I'm 55, and I still get looks, if not actual comments, from my parents if they see me before I've SOTC'd, especially from my Dad. I've now been ignoring it for over 30 years
2C/3A/3B - modified CG - fairly fine now, normal/low porosity/normal elasticity

Current Main Rotation: MG217 medicated or Aim2Health 'poos for scalp, Elucence cond., Spiral Solutions Protein & Deeply Decadent Cond., CJCCCC reg or lite,CJ Pattern Pusha,, Giovanni LA Hold Hair Spritz + lots more, sporadically

HG Method: Super Soaker + Smasters-ing, brief upside down diffusing w/360o diffuser then clips/clamps & air dry. Newly gray - stopped my henna glosses!