Hi everyone! I am in need of guidance regarding my daughter's hair...
My almost 10 year old daughter has incredibly thick, coarse waist length 2B hair, which is a struggle to get her to take care of as it is. She washes once a week with baby shampoo, and uses suave naturals coconut condish. It was at her knees, but I cut it shorter against her wishes because it was impossible to get her to take care of it, and she wouldn't let me do braids or even ponytails.
I am 3a with some 3b, CG for 4 months now. My daughter has decided that she wants curls like mine. I co washed her last night and used a leave in but no product just to see what would happen, and her 2a/b turned into a 2b canopy (probably from brushing so much) with a few silky 2c S-waves underneath, beautiful just the way it was.
The problem is that she is incredibly unhappy with this. She wants spirals like mine, not waves. Even if she went (fully) CG and started taking care of her hair, I just don't see it happening. I've tried to explain to her that I can't make something appear that isn't there, but she is frustrated and upset because she wants her hair like mine (her three year old sister has 3a ringlets as well). I want her to be happy with the way her hair is naturally, as I spent years and years fighting my hair and hating it.
What do I do??
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