Thanks, kathymack : ) I appreciate that. I'm ok with my features and I do know short hair draws attention to them, but I'm ok with that.

I think I will start with the inv bob ('edgy' version as you say) but keep this cut in mind for near future. The idea of spending less time washing and styling is so appealing. I will do 'safe' short first. Just determined not to wimp out!

Anyone else had this cut and liked it or regretted it? And any success stories (or horror stories...) of relaxing very short hair? I really think I'd need to relax at about 4cms to keep it flat. At about 6 to 7 should be able to straighten and comb down. 1-3cms should be fine with no relax, just product. So would I just have to relax once? I want to know the score. Thanks : )

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