The tougher problem is when you are in a committed relationship and value the other person's opinion and want to be pleasing in his/her eyes. How far is a person supposed to go then? It's not so easy to say "forget you" in this instance, because you can't foget this person.
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hopefully BEFORE and in order to get to the committed relationship you feel safe and accepted by the other person for who you really are. whatever deal you make when you get together, sometimes it changes as time goes on. if you start off w straightened hair and 10-20 yrs later decide to go curly and your guy does not like it, this is not the end of the world. he will get used to it. people grow and change, and a healthy relationship has room for that. however, let's say you get together and you are a recovered alcoholic who is sober 10 yrs and then relapse 10 yrs later. this is MUCH more serious as the person did not sign on for being a codependent to a drunk, or a fetcher for someone who has gained 100 lbs and cannot move. but curly hair?? come on now
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The only thing I know my husband doesn't like is when I cut my hair short. But sometimes I do it anyway, and he doesn't say anything about it.

Does he WANT me to have longer hair? Sure. Would he like me to be thin and in shape? - probably as much as I'd like him to have David Beckhams body - but we love eachother for who we are, and as long as one person isn't letting themselves totally go, we wouldn't complain about something the other person is doing. Other than the occasional - I liked it better this way.
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