My mom was opposite. She loved my curls and hated when I straighted it and even more when I cut it shoulder length. Right now I'm considering a BC and when I told her she freaked out. She told me my hair was going to be all frizz and poofy cause it was short. I tried to explain to her that that wouldn't happen because now I know how to take care of my hair and style it. Did she listen? No. She just kept going on about how horrible I will look with short hair in that special way moms do that makes you feel guilty and angry at the same time. I just tuned her out until she was done and then changed the subject. The best part is I'm a married adult and I still care what she says. I think it's really hard for girls to go against some of the things our mothers tell us because they are our first female role models and when we are young we strive for their approval. What you have to remember is at the end of the day it is your life and your hair and you need to do you. If you live for someone else you will wake up one day and realize you haven't lived at all.
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OMG that too! I totally had forgotten that my Mom absolutely LOATHED me wanting to get my hair cut, and that was practically forbidden, too. As a result I've maybe gotten it cut 3 times in my life? It was kind of a pain growing up.

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