I also have the best luck with dry hair and some product..usually for me it's Paul Mitchell mousse...I don't know why but it's so conditioning that it tames all my little frizz and gives me some volume.

Congrats on a 2nd day routine that works! It's worth it to not have to wash every day!
Trying to figure out and maintain protein/ moisture balance
Low sulphates, no silicones Nov 2011

Cleansing: Dove Cool Moisture
RO: AO GPB, Tresseme Naturals, YTT
Stylers- CK, BRHG, AG Re:coil, CJPP, KCCC, HETT mousse

2nd day hair- Paul Mitchell Mousse scrunched in

Easily weighed down, tendency to get OC'd

2c/3a with some curls in there/Med to fine Texture/ Normal Porosity/ Normal Elasticity