Hello TNB. If you wouldn't mind looking at this pic, and then answering some questions, I would appreciate it.

I was watching tutorials, playing, and had 2 different (not quite finished) looks on the eyes.

1) The eyebrows (and pardon, they were a mess): Can you recommend a brow powder that might work well? I always seem to mess up pencil.
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Hi, Fifi, I think Mac Soba would be nice on you.

2) The purple look on the left eye (if looking @ pic): I have green eyes, love purple shadow, and know it's supposed to bring my eyes out. But when I do a purple shadows, no matter what I try, I'm never happy with the end result. It seems to close the appearance of my eye. Do you have any technique or shade suggestions? Most shades I have on hand are light to medium (lilac to med berry) purples, but I'm always willing to pick up more.

*I had not finished the brow in the purple but even after I did...
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Hmmm...Makeup Forever Purple 92 is my go-to purple. I think it might look good on you. It's a deep purple, but it's still very vivid. And it can be applied lightly so it's not too intense. Purple Haze by Urban Decay is pretty too. It's much lighter than MUFE's Purple 92 and is more of a pinky purple. Actually, the two of them look good together. Here are a few different ways to wear them:
A) Cat's Eye - Apply a thin line of e/s to your upper lashes only, using an angled brush (damp or dry). Flick the line up at the outer corners. You could use either color for the Cat's Eye.
B) Apply a light, neutral beige eyeshadow to the inner 2/3 of your upper lids. Then smudge the Purple 92 into the outer corner. You can also then smudge in the Purple Haze (between the Purple Haze and the neutral color) for a soft transition.
C) Use a Q-tip to smudge either color into your top lashes, from the inner to outer corners. Then smudge the same color into your bottom lashes from the outer corner 1/3 to 1/2 of the way in.

Whatever style you choose, you can always apply a white or fleshtoned eyeliner pencil to your bottom waterline too. That really brightens up the eyes.


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