The tougher problem is when you are in a committed relationship and value the other person's opinion and want to be pleasing in his/her eyes. How far is a person supposed to go then? It's not so easy to say "forget you" in this instance, because you can't foget this person.
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I'll clarify. First, I mainly brought this up to play devil's advocate. I don't believe you should change to "hold" on to someone. Or change out of fear your SO will leave you. I'm sure there are lots of women and men who do change things for their partner in hopes to keep a relationship going. I'm not just talking about hair, either.

I'm mainly talking about some of those little things we do for others in a relationship because we know it will and want to make the other person happy. I'm sure there's lots of women out here that have had a guy change their shirt before going somewhere because you gave them "the look." Or had a guy cut his hair shorter or grow it longer because of YOUR preference.

I think it's just too easy sometimes to hide behind that "I'll do what I want" attitude, "d*mn what anyone else thinks." While granted, it may be a way to begin a relationship, it's sure no way to keep one going for the long term.

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