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I absolutely love short layers and bangs, but even if I had straight hair, I'm not sure if it would look good on me. But I do love that color!
A non-stick straight version that I would love is this
Too bad my hair would never be that straight at the root.
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I totally wish my root of the hair was straight, I was born with naturally straight hair which turned wavy over time. If I had straight hair, I'd be happy, no need to worry about frizz or doing anything after coming out of the shower! And I'm one of those girls who always dreams/envisions herself dancing under the rain, then my nightmare of having to towel dry, comb, etc. comes alive. Although I do love my waves (when they behave) but like you I wish the root of my hair was naturally straight, then I wouldn't have to tie with a banana clip for some time before it dries.

Off topic: I love these emoticons (I'm sure you can tell) and I saw a dancing under the rain emoticon on someone's signature once although I can't find it. Can someone please tell me how to do it? Thanks.
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