Hi Phoenix,

I admit I don't know much about make-up (pretty much a virgin LOL) so I have a question. Are there any foundations with yellow undertones which control oil and are moisturizing?

Every foundation I've ever tried makes my face look orange; even the lightest shades. My face is awkward. I have a lot of redness along with sub. dermatitis and freckles. (I'm brunette with hazel eyes) My face is oily, dry and flakes around my nose, mouth corners and forehead; I do lots of exfoliating.

I would love to wear make-up but because I've never found a good shade, I shy away from it. I've tried Clinique, Dior, MAC, Estee Lauder and most drugstore brands if that helps narrow the field. I went into Sephora once to get assistance. The associate was rude, because I was asking a lot of questions, so I left empty handed and I have never been back.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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