~snip~ but curly hair?? come on now
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Why not? I'm not talking to the point that you totally destroy your hair and it's breaking off at the root, but what if your guy liked straight hair? What harm would it be to occasionally straighten for "date night" or whatever. Or to plop on a long, blonde straight wig?

I'm secure enough in myself to know that he loves me for who I am, not my hair or my looks or whatever other superficial criteria we impose upon ourselves.

Personally, I haven't straightened my hair for my S.O. When I had it thermally straightened about 3 years ago, my husband gently tried to talk me out of it, but it was something that I really wanted to do. I can't even figure out how to straighten my hair since I have gone curly!

I have, however, let him influence me with hair color. He has a thing for redheads, and I have played with some red colors, not as carrot-top orange as he would have liked, though! Does it bother me he has a thing for redheads even though I have no red in my natural hair at all? No. Not at all.

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