I have pretty long hair (down to the small of my back when it's straight, way shorter when it's curly) and the bottom four inches are super dry. I don't really have split ends or anything so I feel like it should be salvageable, but so far it isn't. It usually looks okay at the beginning of the day if I put leave in conditioner in it, but by the end of the day its parched again and it's hard to put product in my hair when it's dry so that's not really an option. My roots get really oily so not shampooing really isn't an option either (which I guess is uncommon for curly hair). I've tried curl cleansers and they just leave my roots greasy. I usually just shampoo every other day if I can get away with it though and I only shampoo my roots. Is there any lasting thing that I can do to more permanently get rid of my dry ends or should I just give in and chop them off? I really want to grow my hair out a little bit more and I get it cut on a pretty regular basis so I really don't want to cut it but I'm getting sick of my ends always looking dead and lifeless. Also, the cheaper the better.