Moments later, of course!

So, I just made it happen. I mixed all of my henna "cough COUGH" with hot-ish tea water for a quick release. Teas (orange herbal and my fanciest Vanilla tea (in the silk liner!) I threw in a little lemon juice (why, I don't know). Some honey was also in the mix, as well as a tablespoon of giovanni conditioner. It came out whipped, smooth, thick, but not runny or watery.

I did this in a BIG bowl... Lots of henna stuff. Then I put it in a big freezer bag and put that in the freezer. I've read, many times over, that the henna reacts better or more suddenly frozen. So, it's freezing, and then... I'll thaw it and use it whenever I have the time---hopefully tonight or tomorrow!

Why the sudden urge to henna? I was watching videos and there was this onslaught of "natural no more!" women, blasting being natural (which is fine) and putting in relaxer after 2 years or 6 months or whatever of being natural. But there was this one girl who just COULDN'T HANDLE IT anymore. Her hair was just under her ears in length, was clearly color damaged, and it was TOO MUCH for her. I wish could loan her mine for a wash and detangle... Anyways, she was freaking out, angry, feeling like she'd just wasted two years, and all attitude. So she was putting in a Just For Me Curl Softener. She, as is everyone it seems, is entirely convinced that it isn't a relaxer. It says on the package "This is not a relaxer," and countless videos of people mixing the softener with activator stuff and applying it, and coming out with straight hair all have "it's not a relaxer" as if they're coming out natural.

Anyways, the chick with the ear/jaw length hair did this treatment on her already thin, but frizzy hair. Her hair was also color treated to light brown, wannabe blond. It didn't look good at all to begin with, but after the process, her hair was just... limp and sad looking. I couldn't tell if she was happy with it, or regretted it already.

That made me start searching for Henna results... And here I am! My hair is pretty resilient as it is, but gets dull quickly after poos/cowashes. If there's an invention to weigh down my hair, I'm up for it. I'm not afraid of weight, or slight curl loosening, cause my hair is crazy. My hair could never be limp, there's simply way too much of it.

I gotta stop typing now!
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