Hmm I brought it up because I feel like there are a lot of stereotypes about lesbians' hair but it seems like no one here really cares. Fair enough! Just seemed like something I should ask about on a hair board, haha.

Kimmidawn, do you find it's sort of a numbers game? I'd rather date a girl but there are way more men interested in me.
Originally Posted by amandamarie
I would definitely agree with the stereotypes about lesbian hair styles (e.g. short crew cut = stereotypical butch lesbian on tv). There are certain haircuts that if a woman has, often combined with a certain way of dressing, she is assumed to be lesbian. Granted, I don't think that it's as assumed now as maybe ten years ago, but I think a lot of people still have that immediate thought.

As far as my preferences, I definitely would like to date a girl, but it is somewhat of a numbers game. Most of my close friends are guys, but my "types" tend to be to go for very masculine men (muscular, tall, etc) and very feminine women (longer hair, more "stereotypically feminine" meaning like lipstick lesbians). I have definitely had feelings for men and women who didn't fit my "types", but those are just more what I go for. Like I said, I'd really like to date a girl, but thanks to society, I think it's somewhat "easier" to date a guy, both because of the numbers and because meeting and dating a girl can take a little more time.
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