Well lol it's hard to find anyone of "pure" ancestry anyway (not that there's technically a such thing hehe xD). Hair is and will always just be 'hair' regardless of heritage..
Nevertheless, I am of the Apache, Cherokee, Blackfoot, French and Ethiopian persuasion (lolol) and I have a really weird hair type; coarse 2C waves from my crown to the front, and normal/fine kinky curls (not sure what type exactly) on my sides. The back is a kinky 2C (yeah, there's a such thing lol), so it's a lot to deal with.
Recently I shaved my head (to go au natural!!) but as its growing back in, I'm learning things my hair does and doesn't like so it's going to be a very strange natural journey(:
And basically when I was relaxed, my hair was long but very chewed up -_-
Btw... African Americans don't always have "dry, coarse hair".. Many I have seen have very soft, cottony and fine hair that.. Well still needs moisture lol.. So let's not let assumptions roam around hehe(:

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