It can take a while to find a routine and products that work for you. I had the same problems the first 2 times I tried CG. The first time I didn't clarify my hair properly so I got more and more build up without realising = stringy, flat hair with frizz.

The second time I was using products my hair just didn't like - it takes time to figure these things out.

I second making sure you do a proper last shampoo with no silicones before starting CG. Now I've found, since moving back to a hard water area - its simply not possible to be full CG because it just builds up on your hair. Curl Junkie Daily Fix is supposed to be very good for that, but personally I liked to use a CG friendly, gentle shampoo once a week or so like Jessicurl, or Sheamoisture etc.

There's a lot of take in and consider - your hair might not like or need a lot of protein or it may love it, etc. I would suggest doing Curl Wizard to get an idea of what products your hair might like. A lot of people here have used it and found it very helpful as a starting point. Curl Wizard - Home

I also always suggest people try making some flaxseed hair gel. I've never heard of anyone not liking this. Its simple, cheap, easy and if nothing else is great at giving you soft, moisturized curls. If you do a search on here loads of recipes will turn up - I'd just do the basic one with flaxseeds and water and keep it in the fridge to begin with.

Another tip - some people find a comb helps bring out their curls, personally, I get frizz if I comb conditioner in, I've found I get better clumping and curl formation by just finger combing - you may well find the same.

I don't recommend Deva products (most people don't) just because they are drying. I would highly recommend Curl Junkie or Kinky Curly Knot Today. I haven't used the products you list, but I have personally found that my hair tends to love the more natural products than stuff you get in supermarkets/on the high street (in fact I buy all my stuff online). If your hair feels like straw, its a good bet it need moisture, so I would look at deep treatments.

Check out the swap boards for some good deals on stuff to try and their is a board member (name escapes me but someone will know) who does samples of a lot of popular products. It really is just a game of trial and error.

Good luck!