I was just wondering, for those who have mentioned that they are bisexual/queer but are generally perceived as straight, how do you approach women? I have tried asking my friends who are bisexual/queer, but most of them "look the part" with their haircut or the way they dress or the way they carry themselves, they don't really have much advice to give me because they don't really understand my problem. I can go up and make small talk with women, but I think I have a problem translating that to "I'm interested in you."
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I also had a question for the LGBT thread regarding hair and looks in general...

.... Do any of you that don't 'look' lesbian, bisexual, gay etc feel like..your less part of your culture? Do you think it affects your identity with the culture and your acceptance both with the rest of society and LGBT culture??

Lately i've been feeling like how I feel on the inside and who I am on the inside doesn't match on the outside. I like the way i look and dress....but then i have conflicting feeling that for once I would just like my identity to be clear to both general people and the LGBT community. Even LGBT people question if 'i am really a lesbian' and I have be accused of 'faking' due to the way i look before. Sometimes it feels like my own culture is rejecting me due to my looks...

What is everyone's feelings or opinions surrounding this?
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