Ok so today was my first time doing day 1 of insanity. I was completely not ready for this in a good way. The fitness test itself was an insane experience from start to finish it was 25 mins I believe. Before give my results I want to say that I am 101 lbs overweight. Before I started insanity I was and still am doing a jogging program 3xs a week and the amount of time spent jogging increases as weeks go on. I am up to jogging for 32 minutes. I would say that I am toeing the line of being out of shape to barely in shape. Anyways these are my results from the test:
Switchkicks: 109
Powerjacks: 30
Powerknees: 85
Powerjumps: 29 ( man those right there good god)
Globe: 7 (by this time I was wearing out)
Suicide jumps: 10
Push-up jacks:9( honestly I have never been able to do a regular push up so I will take that 9)
Plank obliques: 32
I tell you when that minute was up I was guzzling that water down quickly so I could plop down. It was exhausting. However what kept me going was my vision board I placed right above the tv and reading some of the quotes I put on it. One said "that voice in your head that says you can't is a liar". So that's all for now!!
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