Too many things I want to quote oh my goodness! Giant "yes!" to everything happening in this thread right now.

Kimmidawn, I find I automatically go into flirtatious mode whenever I'm talking to someone I'm interested in, which, if you're someone who knows me a little, will be obvious. I also kind of go out of my way to let girls know it's on the options table by mentioning something early on--a story about a friend's reaction to my coming out or whatever. Problem is there's no way to tell for sure it's not just a way to bond! Recently a friendly acquaintance dropped a "when I date girls ..." into a conversation that it totally didn't belong in and I left the conversation giggling a little to myself because I knew it was her way of letting me know she's "part of the club", so to speak, but she wasn't hitting on me (at least I don't think). It's difficult.

09rohiba, yes, I do find that. It's actually a little bizarre to me because on the one hand, I think it's stupid that you should have to look a part in order to avoid having your identity questioned, so I actually find myself joking about, "Is it way too queer of me to buy this plaid shirt?" etc (I'd rather be entirely myself at all times than be intentionally fitting or avoiding stereotypes). On the other hand, I feel frequently rejected by LGBT culture, and I feel like if I looked a certain way, I'd fit in more.

I think for me and a lot of others similar to me, though, it's partly because some lesbians have a bit of a fear of dating non-lesbians. I've encountered the belief a lot that bisexual women or ambiguously queer women will decide they'd rather date a man and break it off with a lesbian and leave her broken-hearted ... Which is intensely frustrating to me, because I am not a person who can't make up her mind or just likes kissing girls in bars or whatever; I would be happy to marry a woman if I found the right one and I wouldn't think twice about it. Plus, if I met the love of my life tomorrow who happened to be a man, I would not in any way consider that to have negated my past experiences or made them less real or valuable.

But, yeah, part of it is, "You have long hair and wear shirts with flowers on them so you must be straight."
2a/b (really thick but sort of fine with pretty weak waves), medium-to-fine texture, normal porosity (I think). Doesn't seem to like protein.

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