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Hydrating Low Porosity Hair: Itís all About the Energy Baby!-Technically Speaking |

"Tip for moisturizing low porosity hair: In the words of my 10 yr. old daughter, ďHeat is your BFF!í Heat makes it possible for you to open those cuticles and allow water to penetrate the cell membrane complex (CMC) and cortex. The absolute best way to heat the hair and add moisture is with a steamer and pre poo or deep condish regimen. Most people do not realize it but when steam condenses it will give up 1000 BTU/lb. Thatís a huge amount of energy to rapidly change the hair temperature (cuticles) and moisturize all at the same time. At atmospheric conditions, steam will condense once the temperature is below 212F. The air and your hair act as a heat sink to absorb this energy. Hair dryers take longer and do not bring additional moisture."

"Tip: Adding small amounts of surfactant to your deep conditioner will lower the overall surface energy of the system and drive hydration.

Super Tip: Adding a tiny amount of Castile soap to your deep condish regimen will drive hydration for several reasons. The first is that it will lower the overall surface energy of the water system. The second is that the castile soap tends to have a higher pH and it will also open the hair cuticle (more on this later)."

"Tip: A good rule of thumb is that if a product will hydrate your hands, in particular your fingers then it might also be good on your low porosity hair. The skin around the fingers has a surface energy of 0.026 Ė 0.029 N/m. This is very close to the surface energy of low porosity hair."

"Tip: If you want to increase the performance of your leave in or rinsable conditioner, try heating it up and applying it to your hair at an elevated temperature. Get a baby bottle warmer and empty plastic bottle. Add the conditioner to the plastic bottle and heat it up to 30 C to 40 C."
4c wiry thick nappy low porosity hair
Poo: SM black soap
Rise out/Detangler:
DC/: Avocado+ oil + Honey
Spritz: Oyin J&B
Moisturizer: OH Dew
Sealant:BSP/Bask tapioca cream