I don't think I necessarily have a hard time combining the way I look with who I am inside, but there definitely are days when it is frustrating where I'm automatically classified as straight and I literally just want to wear a sign that says "hi my name is kimmidawn and I'm bisexual". As far as what I wear or how I do my hair though, its more for me just how I feel prettiest, not so much a part of my identity. I'm not sure if it would differ if I was lesbian rather than bisexual (since now I'm thinking about it and while there's a clear physical image of lesbian that the media and pop culture likes to use, I can't think of an equally common physical image that's portrayed for bisexuals - physical image meaning a look as opposed to somewhat more abstract descriptions).

@amandamarie, I never really consciously thought about inserting a comment that would make my sexuality known, but that's definitely a good idea. I guess part of it is since I've never actually dated a girl (I am more than open to it and could definitely see myself in a long term relationship with a woman), I don't feel like its something that can casually be dropped in conversation; I would probably be like your friend with that random comment lol. At first, I didn't even tell my female friends that I was bi because I didnt know if they would feel kind of "betrayed" that we had known each other for so long and I had kept that from them. But after nothing but positive responses, I am much more comfortable telling acquaintances and casual friends.
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Haha, noooo, when that friend made that comment, I honestly just thought it was funny, because I've totally done things like that too. Once, I was in a bar and got to talking with this girl I met about her fiancee, and then we started talking about how I'm a writer. She asked me who my favorite author was and I thought and eventually gave a nod to Virginia Woolf. She was really excited and I just said, "Yeah, I feel like she's a very queer author to choose as your favorite ..."

Also once some people I had just met were talking about how their roommates reacted to them being gay. I chimed in with my own stories, and then within three days one of the girls had asked me out. Sooo ... there's that? (That's another option, btw. Just straight-up ask for a girl's number or ask her to get coffee or a drink sometime, haha.)

As far as friends' reactions, personally, I'm at a point in my life where I feel like anyone who isn't okay with it doesn't need to be around me. That has taken me years, though, and I recognize I'm really lucky in that respect because I'm able to be in environments that are mostly accepting. So, yeah, I think being comfortable being "out" is A+.
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