I hope no one finds me nosey or intrusive.

I am straight, but 90% of my closest friends are G/L/B and fabulous drag queens. I am nothing but supportive.

I wanted to share a story because it does touch on something you have brought up, just in reverse. In 1995 I decided to get a pixie cut. I did have a Julia Roberts/Steel Magnolia moment of shock and "Oh Dear" at first. I had never cut my hair that short and needed a moment to adjust. At first I found this hard to do because men no longer seemed interested in me. I could not go anywhere without them looking at me, and whispering. Then the boldness set in. I had countless men (strangers and a few who had known me my entire life) approach me and say, What's it like being a lesbian? It's a shame you're a lesbian. I wouldn't have thought you'd end up being a lesbian", etc... And many put in offensive terms. Every time I was approached and these comments were made I would ask the guy to sit down and explain his reasoning. It was always stereotypical and silly (your hairs short) but I was more than happy to point this out, and sometimes in more offensive terms. In an odd turn of events, this ended up helping me love my new do even more. It was somehow liberating. In fact, bleep all, I went back to the salon and had it buzzed. I was not asked out by a man until my hair grew out, below my ears, but that was okay. I fully expected it and after that nonsense, I was more than ready to take a breather from those odd creatures.

Hair in no way should define your preference, but just try telling someone else that. Lol
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??