I'm back!! My first year in high school has been soooo busy! I haven't had anytime to come back here for months. But now that I'm starting to get control of my hair, I'm worried about my skin. After suffering a horrible stress-induced acne breakout (the worst I've EVER gotten!), I've become obsessed with matte perfect skin. I've tried way too many products at Walmart that are just cheap, and now I'm considering the real deal. I wanted to try PROACTIV because I have a friend that uses it and her skin looks wonderful! She isn't especially prone to breakouts, but neither am I. My main problem is that my skin heals very slowly and my acne scars take months to go away. Plus, I have very fair skin. I am asking if anyone that has skin that is similar to mine or knows someone that has tried PROACTIV, please help me decide if it's worth my mother's money! I've researched online and I've found that this product goes two ways: it either works miracles or makes your acne worse or just stays the same. I would like to know what your experience was, and if it's a quality product. I don't really need specifications on how fast the product works; I've got no major evens on my calendar for a while, but please write back and give me feedback! Thanks!