here is an article from the NY times that might be apropos here. I have been outdoors and in the sun for a long time, my skin is starting to show it but so far I refuse to get anything surgical done. just coloring my hair--that's IT. I have a client who is 10 yrs younger than me who has had botox and restylane shots. i don't see much difference. we'll see what happens in 10 yrs--i am tempted to do veneers on my teeth tho but i am too lazy right now. i think about it tho....aging is not easy.
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good article, Banjo.

It's funny (or maybe scary) how we are influenced by the media and our culture. My teeth--that have always had a natural grey cast to them--never bothered me until recently. Now I constantly see commercials that tell me if I don't use crest whitestrips, I'm going to look older. "Nothing gives away your age like yellow teeth!"

Well, I can't use crest whitestrips! I have a cap on one of my front teeth that my doctor worked extremely hard to get the right shade of grey to match my other tooth. Now I feel inferior that I don't have those pearly whites *bling*. I no longer feel that my teeth meet today's standards of what is healthy and good. Isn't that crazy??? I'm not ashamed to smile or anything, but I sometimes look at a photo of me (and there are many ) and think, "gosh, you teeth need to look whiter."

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