I think for me and a lot of others similar to me, though, it's partly because some lesbians have a bit of a fear of dating non-lesbians. I've encountered the belief a lot that bisexual women or ambiguously queer women will decide they'd rather date a man and break it off with a lesbian and leave her broken-hearted ... Which is intensely frustrating to me, because I am not a person who can't make up her mind or just likes kissing girls in bars or whatever; I would be happy to marry a woman if I found the right one and I wouldn't think twice about it. Plus, if I met the love of my life tomorrow who happened to be a man, I would not in any way consider that to have negated my past experiences or made them less real or valuable.
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And +1 to this
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+1 to this also...im soooo glad you said this amandamarie! This especially has been my own experience (as a lesbian dating bisexual woman). I hope this doest offend anyone its just my personal experience but.... I generally do not date bisexual woman as a rule anymore because i find it to be far to complicated. i have even had bisexual woman ask me if i can be there 'bit on the side' whilst they date men because for some reason i don't count as much or I am somewhat lacking in some way which means they cant be in a real relationship. For me its hard to find a genuine bisexual girl that wouldn't discount me for a man.
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