Dude, why do you think it's cool to post a status online about wanting to have a threesome with Victoria's Secret models to make your girlfriend mad? Let me count the problems with this.
  1. As if you could!! Those women are way out of your league. Actually, so if your girlfriend, for that matter.
  2. Aren't you friends with people like co-workers and bosses? Is it okay to post publicly about sex in your workplace?
  3. Why would you say something so disrespectful?
  4. Why would your girlfriend not feel disrespected by this? I guess it's "no big deal." Maybe she's the kind of "cool" girlfriend that would hire a prostitute for you. Jason Biggs' Wife Hired Him a Hooker | The Blemish Cause you all are so "laid back" and not "uptight" like the rest of the world.
OK, whatever.