Way to put me in an awkward position, FB! I still don't know how my cousin ended up being suggested to me, but much as I tried, FB wouldn't give me the option to ignore the suggestion and now she has sent me a FB request. It's nothing against my cousin, but I do not want family on FB! My brother seems to agree with this as he has never tried to friend me though he's on there.

Anyway, now I can't decline, so I guess I'll just try to pretend I never go on FB or something.
Originally Posted by Saria
Yea. Very awkward. You could block her so that she never comes up again.

I don't personally have an edict against family on FB. Just certain members that I have long standing issues with. I have some cousins and my nephews on there but when I noticed that my sister joined last year because she showed up on the suggestion link, I never friended her. Nor has she friended me. And I've blocked my mother, even though I'm not sure she knows exactly what it is. I don't want to take any chances since she can get around on the computer.
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