When i was pregnant i was on the patch & it helped, i think it made me go into labor tho lol. I started up again tried the patch & it wasnt the same effect.
But i havent been close to putting them down at all.. it sucks. Its not like i dont want to.. i jus let **** get to me. Im pretty sure it has mostly to do with my anxiety & my living circumstances. Not to get into it, so to put it simply, my mom is jus one of those ppl that let herself go & wants to bring everyone (all five of her kids) down. My family & friends have been telling me to work & save so i can get outta here. Funny one of my coworkers has a similar relationship with her mother & said she quit cold turkey eazy squeezy when she finally moved out. I kno i will. I wont feel anxious & trapped anymore. Sorry for venting but keep prayin for me yall. It def helps to have & support ppl that are going thru the same thing, trying to quit. & how different it is for each of us. Anywhere i go i feel lost w/o my squares.. gotta have em for a long car ride, on break at work (server), after work, when i go to bed- can rarely fall asleep if i dont have one before bed. Or if im a ways away from my next meal ill supplement temporarily with cigarettes.. i like the quiet time i get when i can step outside. Although i haven't cut back a ton, every day i get more sick of it & keep telling myself im going to put them down.

How is everyone else doing?? I like hearing everyones stories

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