sprained it rather badly while using my Fiskars Dandelion Killer - my back lawn is more than a bit uneven and when i stepped on the weed-puller-thingy to attack a plant, my foot twisted and went POP! blech!
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Rou, we have one of those (and a piece broke on it the day we got it, but it was still usable), but it wasn't really getting the whole tap root out. Well, didn't we feel stupid when the landlord was over one day and took this small and narrow shovel we have and used that to pop dandelions right out of the ground. Sure could have saved us some money, wish I had the receipt for the Fiskars thing because I'd return it. He just popped it right out and taps the surrounding grass back down with his foot and BAM! dandelion gone.

Sorry you twisted your ankle, hope it's feeling better quickly!

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