I'm sorry, I skimmed over some parts, but I got most of it.

Reminds me of my now 7 year old when she was 2 and 3.

At the moment I'm not going to go in depth with detail. But I was so frustrated I would sit down and cry at least once a day. Her meltdowns were so frequent and so long lasting that I was always exhausted and at the end of my rope. There seemed to be a miss fire in her brain. She knew right from wrong, it was almost like she couldn't focus on the result or effect of what she was doing. But she could play on the computer for hours, and I let her because she could focus on it.

She learns much in the way you describe your son does too.

Long story short, I spent weeks upon weeks googling and reading information. What I came up with told me she had autistic behavior characteristics, although she wasn't diagnosed as such. I changed her diet, removed dairy completely (sometimes gluten is to blame too) and started giving her psyllium fiber a couple times a week to keep her regular. Started giving her probiotics (acidophilus), and vitamin D. And we continued focusing on calming activities (I would have her sit and close her eyes and picture a rainbow on the center of her forehead and try to look at it. Then I would tell her to look at her rainbow when she needed to calm down.)

I'm sharing this because she is the most well behaved, fantastic kid. She does well in school, her teachers love her. I still remember what a hard time I had when she was a toddler, and her doctor wouldn't listen to me. I know what it feels like to think you've done everything wrong and somehow caused this. I felt like it was my fault at the time, and now I'm proud to say I've fixed it.

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