Here's a few of the process! 1 with it all in, another just before rinsing, another while rinsing...

My mix:
300g red henna from the store (super fresh), BAQ super-fine like powdered sugar!
"A Good Amount" of Orange herbal tea and fancy Vanilla tea - hot
A wee bit of honey
A teaspoon of conditioner (cause it seemed like the right thing to do)
I put it in a ziplock and froze it for a few hours, then let it thaw overnight

My process:
Put on the hair, starting from the back. I had my hair in four big sections, each with two, two-strand twists. I coated each section of each twist and squished it through. I only barely had enough!
Piled on my head, Saran wrapped A LOT.

-It seems like everyone in the world has bonnet dryers in their hallway closets. I am not one of those people. I used, seriously, 6 Hot Hands packets (like, for winter) and stuck them on with more Saran Wrap. Then a T shirt, then some control top hose.

I was done wrapping it at 1.30pm or so. I left it in til after 7, when I drove 20 miles north to my in-laws slopsink to rinse it out with my husband. It stained everything, but it didn't matter! It was kind of perfect for rinsing.
I had two dips in there with conditioner, focusing on the back and front. (the length of my hair rinsed easily, but there was a ton of henna everywhere, filled the water instantly.

-I then just started pouring buckets of water over my hair... Then I sectioned it in to 4, and conditioned, detangled (for clumps) and rinsed each section... 3 times to the roots of the section, and an extra time to the hair... Then I dipped the hair in the bucket to check for any remaining stain. I bantu knotted each section. Then started squeezing. My scalp hurt so bad, was raw, felt like I waxed it. I put oils on it, and ran the cool water!

My hair dried faster than EVER. It easily takes me 3-4 days to get my hair to dry up, but within a few hours, my roots were dry, as were my ends. I rewet it before bed...
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