I am the only whirly girl in my friendship circle or anyone I know and are good friends with. I only have one friend and she has 2a waves, but straightens them out. The only person who I am friends with that has curly hair at my school is my sister. So you can imagine how I feel like I don't fit in..

The girl with the 2a waves told me the other day: she stares at me for about 3 seconds and says "I wanna see what you would look like if I straightened your hair and put makeup on you, you would be so pretty!!" My heart sank, I loved my whirly hair! Junior year of high school I decided to stop straightening my hair and putting makeup on. I decided I'd give my hair a break from the flat iron and let my acne covered skin breathe. Within a month my skin was clear and my hair was so pretty!! It just hurts that something I have totally shunned is brought back up... Not to mention she tried combing her fingers through my hair, when it was dry!! It hurt and broke some of my hairs. Ughh..

Anyone have any curly friends that they can turn to? Or are you stuck with straight friends?
2c whirly curls, low porosity, medium texture/density

Experimenting, as usual. I've found that these products work well:

Low-poo: Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat shampoo and KC Come Clean shampoo
Cowash: CJ Daily Fix
LI: KCKT (rarely used as a LI)
Stylers: CJ CiaB, KCSS, and homemade flax seed gel (FSG is a total HG btw!!)

Chopped off 12 inches of my hair on 3-22-14

Colorado Whirly