5'4" I wear flats/flip flops/sandals with boot cut, flare, straight, skinny jeans. I've never been a slave to fashion so I wear what feels good and what I think looks good on me.

ETA I've never understood why short = dumpy or unflattering. If clothes fit properly, they should be no different on a short, medium, or tall person.
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Certain cuts and the way you combine different clothes and shoes can make a person appear wider, leaner, taller or shorter then they really are even if they fit properly. Short doesn't equal dumpy, but if someone is petite or short it's more flattering to wear things that elongate them not smother them or make them appear wider and shorter then they really are. Likewise for tall people there are certain things that flatter them more as well. A lot of taller people have characteristics like wider shoulders or short torsos and there are ways they can dress to balance their bodies out more as well. It's not that one body type is better then the other it's just a matter of dressing best for whatever body type you happen to have.