I think it just depends on how big the "boot cut" is. A lot of jeans now say boot cut but they're more like straight legs or have a slight flare.

If they're very wide at the bottom, I look short regardless of what shoes I'm wearing.

I'm also under 5' tall.
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If you get jeans in a dark wash and make sure the hem covers about 3 quarters of your shoes and wear high platforms or wedges it'll elongate you...
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In my experience, wide legged pants make me look dumpy, even with high heels. I love them so much, but sailor pants, for example, only work for me when they're more of a trouser cut than an extra wide leg.

I do wear dark jeans a few times a month and I like the ones I buy (Express Editor in denim). I do have a few other pairs, but these are the normal, go-to jeans.
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Wide leg pants are pretty hard for everyone to pull off and if you're petite it's more of a challenge because they've got so much volume. If you love them you can experiment with the slimmer cut wide leg versions with a high cut waist (with a 'fitted' shirt). But, since you're so petite slim cut trousers, skinnies and some bootleg cuts are easier to work with. I'm tall and a lot of wide leg pants also make me look frumpy they're pretty hard to pull off.