Roe v. Wade will never, and I mean never, be overturned (just mho, obviously). Seriously, if it ever gets overturned, I'll eat my hat. I think the overturning of Roe v. Wade is a fairy tale that both sides--pro and con--tell to keep their base support energized.

Plus, overturning Roe v. Wade would not automatically make abortion illegal. Under our Constitution, states would simply be able to decide for themselves what laws they want to enact. That means that at least 2/3 of a state's House and 2/3 of their Senate would vote to outlaw abortion, and their Governor would then sign that bill into law and not veto it. Very, very few states are conservative enough to make this happen (maybe Wyoming and Nebraska but that's it...and that likely wouldn't last as the fury of their constituents would descend upon them).

IMO, I think that both sides need to stop focusing this question only in terms of legality and start taking a broader view. There are many things (better health care for women and children, strong economic safety net, raises in the minimum wage, affordable childcare, availbility of birth control and sex ed classes that focus on getting teens to use it, etc.) that I think both sides can get behind. Not only will these things improve overall quality of life for women, but they will go a long way toward reducing the abortion rate, which I think is a very worthy goal. This debate is dominated by hardliners on both sides who are really out of the majority, but they get the press because they talk the loudest. Most of us hold a common sense position that says abortion is a sad choice and we should do everything we can to reduce the number of women who are put in that situation. However, we oppose laws that make desperate women into criminals.

On the other issue, I am very anti-death penalty.
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