Hello, I posted this else ware and I think it belongs here instead. Im sorry if any of your read this earlier today.

Im generally new to being CG and still have a few questions. Off the bat I bought the DeVaCare set of no poo, one condition, and arcangel. My hair seems to get gummed up after 2 uses then I have to baking soda and ACV rinse.

My question is no matter what products you use will you get to a point where it gets gummy? Just because the product Im using gets gummy is that a reason to stop using it?

Also, when I run out of my DeVaCare no poo and one condition I plan on using products that are more wallet friendly and that I can get at drug stores.

My other question is what should I look for? I know you need ones without *list all the no no ingredients here* and I know everyone's hair is different but is there something I should look for? I saw the post for CG on a budget and the list of conditioners. But what conditioners fall under the "use for co washing" category and what conditioners fall under the "use for conditioning" category? Do I just pick to conditioners from that list? Is it that easy?
3A 3B mix
Colored treated
Combo Low and High porosity
Medium coarse texture

Goosefootprints hair analysis
Co-wash- As I Am Co-wash
LI- As I Am leave in,
Style- la looks sport gel