You may be using the products incorrectly.

I only use the no poo once or twice a week. The other days I use the one condition much as I would a shampoo focusing on massaging my scalp.

After I rinse the one condition - I place a small amount back into my soaking wet hair. I get a good smooth (small) coating that I leave in.

Never dry with a terry towel! Use a microfiber towel - it eliminates he frizz. Scrunch with the towel up toward the scalp to remove excess water.

Then I never brush or comb my hair. While its still wet I coat it with the angel. Experiment. It's easier to get a good even coat of this sealer if you do it in sections. Don't forget the nape area.

Then let it dry without touching it! It will curl up and find its rightful placement.

Then when it's completely dry (30-40 minutes for me) I scrunch my hair to release the bouncy curls!

That's it!

It shouldn't feel gummy. You may be scrunching it before its actually dry.

Use a diffuser if you need to speed up the dry time. But do not touch it as that releases that seal that helps the curls dry nicely.

Hope that helps!

Sometimes I spritz my dry hair with a spray bottle of distiller water and vegetable glycerin with a few drops of essential oil. It moisturizers my curls.