I'd like to add that I understand what 09r means when she says she finds having a relationship with bisexual women more complicated, because in all honesty it is. There's that fear of being left for a man which has already been addressed, but in my perspective it's extremely hard for me to imagine myself being intimate with a woman who is intimate with men, for me it's like being intimate with a woman who has a long list of sexual partners. As a lesbian, that's what turns me off, because outside of close knit friendships with men, I want nothing to do with them. Also a lot of bisexual women I've encountered are doing it for show so that they can appear to be alternative, and others are just experimenting with women for time being, because they got their heart broken. I don't discriminate as far as friendships go, but I wouldn't get involved with a bisexual woman unless she hadn't been with men for awhile, but I accept my bisexual sisters and brothers, because they are apart of the community too and face the same struggles as queers do. Even some lesbians I've met aren't really lesbians, they're just experimenting and don't want to call themselves bisexual because in the gay community there is an even greater stigma associated with it.

And 09r, as a femme lesbian I understand what you mean when you say you sometimes feel like you need to up your swag to fit into the gay community, I dress stereotypically female and my partner dresses more tomboyish, and I'm honestly surprised she even approached me at the time, I could of just been straight girl. If you're into the more aggressive lesbians all you need to do is make eye contact with them and they will usually come over... If they're single.

@Amanda I hope nothing I said offended you, sister. I was just offering my perspective on the subject.