The Giovanni price tag makes it win lol.
but with all my new humectant education, I can probably just go to a store and label read.
I picked up some tresemme naturals conditioner. Has some oils and no strong humectant or protein.

This moisture balance thing is really confusing!!!

I had to wash my hair today and realized that I have no silicone free conditioner/leave in without strong humectant properties except for the suave co-wash...

so... yes i did.
I co-washed and scrubbed, then I detangled and rinsed it out.... then.... I used it as leave in....

and my hair is well... interesting.. it feels foreign. I am used to dry hair.. now it feels.. well.. it is not greasy, but feels just a tiny bit damp. so the hair no longer squeaks on the porosity test. now it is slick. And it took hours for my hair to dry!!! I guess I am used to accidentally inappropriately using humectants which use the desert dry air to air dry my hair?

I did this to my hair about two weeks ago, when I used a plastic bag to imitate an overnight deep treatment (with regular leave-in). the same foreign feeling.

The elusive balance is going to be a challenge!!!!
here is the pic of my suave co-wash solo product adventure:
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very dry hair-2012-04-26_14-23-39_636.jpg  
Hair 3a with annoying strands of 2a/b
low porosity
somewhat low density
good elasticity


I live in the desert!
cowash: Suave coconut naturals

everything else?????? actively seeking