I'm not trying to point the finger at anyone, but I've been noticing a trend... A lot of men my age (generation Y to be specific) watch WAY too much porn and have an unrealistic approach to sex. They think women WANT them to *** in their face and they think it's perfectly OK and arousing for them to gag women with their penises (forcing a woman's head down on his penis).

It is very annoying and weird when I deal with men who are trying to talk "dirty" to me and say these strange things that are quite off-putting. And I have been with an older men and I usually notice this around younger men. It usually turns me off to having sex with them.

Also, I noticed they expect women to be 'ready' for sex with absolutely no foreplay and effort. As a woman I need to be AROUSED. You need to explore my body and be gentle with me.

I actually saw a presentation by an older women who enjoys having sex with men in their twenties. She had a similar complaint that a lot of men in this age bracket expect sex to be like the porn they watch. I often tell these men they watch 'too much porn' if they think this type of degrading behavior is normal. Don't go putting stuff in my mouth or face without asking me first. It's disrespectful and I know they don't mean to be.

Has anyone else noticed this?
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